Whitney High School Athletics

Sydney Gatson

My love for the game and want to give back is what influenced me to become a coach. Basketball helped me to stay out of trouble and prevented me from taking the wrong path in life. It paid for my college education and allowed me opportunities to travel around the world and meet amazing people . But most importantly, basketball gave me a safe space to grow as a person. A space where I felt confident and had a family away from home, during a very insecure part of my life. High school is such a pivotal point in every young woman's development, so to be in a position to have a positive influence on my players lives is a responsibility I truly embrace. Two key components of success in this sport are preparation and buy-in.  With preparation comes the confidence, the ability and the mental toughness players need to compete at the highest level. We are constantly reassessing our boundaries, so as to challenge them and ultimately redefine them. Our players understand that they will only get out of basketball what they're willing to put in. Once they commit to buy-in to our system, their teammates and themselves, that's when they begin to accomplish things they once never thought possible. When I'm not coaching I love to play golf, play basketball and Nerf wars with the neighborhood kids or take my dogs to the river. I also try to get to a tropical destination once a year when I can turn my phone off and unplug for a bit.