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Men’s varsity tennis team wins league


Whitney Update | 4/27/2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Chris Marcuas

With an 8-1 win over Roseville April 21, the men’s varsity tennis team finished 12-2 in league, capturing the CVC title for the first time in school history.
Third-ranked player Myles Macias felt a lot of pressure, especially because it was Senior Night.
“I was really nervous going into it because I didn’t want to lose my last match in the league. The nervousness went into my match and I lost the first set really easily, 6-1, but I was able to come back and win the next two sets. After it was over, I found out that my match was the one that won us league and I was so happy that I was finally able to win league my senior year,” Macias said.
There were many reactions to the historic achievement.
“Afterwards, I had kinda mixed emotions. I was sad that the season was over, but at the same time, I was relieved knowing I’d done what no other boy’s tennis team in school history has ever done,” Bryce Pinkerton said.
After an undefeated season personally, Josiah Williams was proud of himself and his teammates.
“It’s really been an honor to play besides these boys and to be the first Whitney men’s tennis team to win the league. I’m really looking forward to the day that I’ll be able to tell my kids about how I was a part of the first ever tennis team to win the league for my high school,” Williams said.
Macias attributes the team’s success to the change in players on the team, as well as changes from their opponents.
“We got a new freshman this year, Brian Badalato, who did very well as No. 1 on the team. Also a lot of other schools lost a lot of seniors from last year, which really had a huge effect on their lineup,” Macias said.
Throughout the season, the team lost only the two matches they played against Cosumnes Oaks, the score 6-3 both times.
“They had a very good singles team. We came in with stronger singles this year, but our first match, I can’t say much as I and our number one, [Badolato], were home sick,” Pinkerton said.
Singles players competed in the CVC tournament April 25 at Rollingwood Tennis Courts. Pinkerton, Macias and Hirdayesh Joshi all advanced to the semifinals, while Andrew Duffey placed first in his bracket.
The doubles players competed in the CVC tournament April 26. The players of the first-ranked doubles team, Spencer Kim and Zachary Mason, prepared by discussing strategies.
“We’re talking about hand signals and whether to poach off a serve or I formation,” Kim said.
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